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Dermabrasion facials in Los Angeles

Touch of Faith Aesthetics is Los Angeles’s beauty oasis that can help you look and feel your absolute best! Dermabrasion facials are one of our more popular beauty offerings that deliver the results we know you'd love. With gentle hands and advanced technology, our skilled staff comfortably removes the outer layers of the skin to give a smoother and more radiant appearance to all skin types.

We use dermabrasion as well as other facial treatments to revitalize your skin. Real change in the health of your skin is an inevitable result of proper and consistent home care as well as our professional customized treatments.

Our Dermabrasion Facials

Are you constantly trying different ways to fix your problematic skin but not seeing any results? Visit Touch of Faith Aesthetics to receive one of our dermabrasion facials. We currently offer Aquasonic and Sapphire 3® Dermabrasion style facials.

Our Aquasonic Dermabrasion uses a spatula-like tool that gently peels the skin to reveal bright, healthy-looking skin. This treatment is great for reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and surface congestion in the skin.

The Sapphire 3® Dermabrasion with LED Light Therapy is our most intensive treatment. This cutting-edge technology offers skin resurfacing with a sapphire crusted tip to smooth scarring, lighten hyperpigmentation, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The resurfacing is followed by red monochromatic light to stimulate collagen and lighten hyperpigmentation, while the Blue LED brings oxygen to your skin cells and kills acne causing bacteria. This is also available as a body treatment.

Energize your skin by booking one of our dermabrasion facials. Your skin’s journey starts here. Call us today to schedule an appointment.